Interview: Brooke McClymont


The eldest sister of the Grafton-born trio, The McClymonts, reflects on their huge success over the past ten years, their hopes for the future, and their upcoming gig at CMC Rocks.

It’s been ten wonderful years of singing, recording, performing and winning awards for the McClymont sisters. When asked if she ever thought they’d be where they are today, Brooke laughed. “You never really know where you’ll end up as the years go on, but we’ve always hoped to be here,” she said.

“We do pinch ourselves. We hopefully have another 20, 30, 40 years ahead.”

Brooke credits the trio’s success to working collaboratively, knowing when to speak up or walk away during conflict.

“After ten years we’ve got it down to a fine art,” Brooke said.

“We’ve always got each others backs, we clearly get along, and we wouldn’t have made it to 10 years if we didn’t!”

It’s been a massive 12 months for The McClymonts; Brooke debuted in the Australian film Spin Out, Sam hosted the latest season of Farmer Wants A Wife and Mollie gave birth to baby Ned. The girls have no plans of slowing down, with their latest album Endless releasing January 13th and their Endless Tour beginning January 25th.

The girls found inspiration for Endless from their current lives, wanting to create music that reflects the “lovely stage” of life they’re all in.

“We’re just in that really lovely stage of life where everyone is content and happy,” Brooke said.

“We’re having babies, we’re married and we’re happy, which we want to reflect in our music… it is really hard to write a whole album of happy songs, but we did it!

“We’ve let the fans come into our lounge room with this album and share our story.
“It’s a really uplifting and lovely album.”

Their upcoming tour which supplements the album sees the sisters coming to Ipswich to perform at CMC Rocks in March.

“We’ve been to Ipswich plenty of times, but we haven’t played CMC Rocks while it’s been at Willowbank,” Brooke said.

“We’re excited to see the new site and perform in Ipswich.

“We’ll be there watching the whole night on Friday, but we’re so disappointed to be missing the Dixie Chicks – we all love them!”

With such an amazing array of accolades, albums, songs and more, it’s hard to imagine what the next step will be for the McClymont sisters.

“It’s good to keep things interesting and we’re not afraid to dive into different avenues that our music has brought us,” Brooke said.

“We see a lot of familiar faces that have been coming to our shows for the past ten years that continue coming and wanting to listen to us play.

“The first 10 years have been awesome, and I hope the next 10 will be even better!”

The McClymont sisters are performing the first night of CMC Rocks, Friday 24 March, or purchase their fifth album ‘Endless’ from the 13th of this month.