Ray of Sunshine

Robert (Bobby) Skidmore has taken out the People’s Choice award in this year’s Enviroplan Photography Competition, with his photo ‘A Little Ray of Sunshine’.


Enviroplan People’s Choice Award Winner 2015

Bobby never planned the photo, and as he told Ipswich Life it was purely a moment captured in time that he came across purely by accident.

“I took the photo about 20 minutes after sunrise at the tail end of winter in South Ripley,” Bobby said. “It was very cold and there was a fog just breaking up around me. I find that sometimes you can get really lucky and get sunbeams shining through fog which makes a great shot.

“I just went out there in the hope of getting a frosty sunrise, or hoping to get some frost covered grass and a barbed wire fence. I saw the fog over a hill and drove over towards a cow that had a pure white calf with it which would make a great shot, but as I hopped out of the car to get a photo I then saw this tree with sunbeams shining through. So I ran over to capture it.

“Photography for me is a combination of hobby, while trying to go professional. I took it up as a form of therapy, as I’ve suffered depression. Looking at the world through a lens was very therapeutic, and each day I became more confident, getting out and about.” Bobby said.

“It quickly went from the odd photo around the house to the point where now my main focus is storm photography and I have become a sponsored photographer for Higgins Storm Chasing.

“I think some people see a spiritual side to the photo while others just love the nature of it all. I donated in collaboration with Jeff Higgins a large framed copy to the family of Jayde Kendall.

You can find more of Robert’s work on his Facebook page ‘Mr S Photography’.