Art in Virtual Reality


Amalgamation of Virtual Reality (VR) with art has been a natural process. Combination of reasons within my day-to-day life drew my thoughts towards Virtual Reality in my paintings.

VR is not just about the Oculus Rift or a Vive gig, it is also to do with the thoughts and vibes of individuals. Intense longing and my passionate relationship with my FIFO partner brought my thoughts onto canvas and indicated the presence of VR in my life.

VR is a simple concept but the challenge for a fine artist lies in making art more interactive and engaging with its viewer. It has to be more absorbing and necessarily needs to communicate more with its audience. VR is gaining a lot of momentum these days in Australia and around the world.

I desire to bring VR concepts on painting canvas and make it intensely interactive and engaging. Will be looking forward for more expansive thoughts in the coming future and make necessary efforts on developing the VR at another level. It’s just the beginning, lets see what lies ahead.

Vipula Saxena, VR Artist