Australia Votes 2016



All Australians will go to the Polls on Saturday 2 July 2016 to determine all 226 members of the 45th Parliament of Australia. The new government, Coalition or Labor will be determined after an extended eight-week official campaign period.

This is also the first double dissolution of the House of Representatives and the Senate since the 1987 election.

Compulsory voting means that every eligible Australian citizen (18 years or older) is required by law to enrol and vote.

All Australians who are eligible to vote elect people to represent them in the two houses of Parliament – the Senate and the House of Representatives.

As Malcolm Turnbull (Liberal) and Bill Shorten (Labor) go head to head, both leaders are marketing their policies to the electorate at large.


Health – Bill Shorten says e that health is their Number One priority, making medicare stronger and offering better support for breast cancer, better care for mental health patients and medicinal cannabis.

Education – Labor is committed to increased investment in schools and TAFE, making it more affordable for all Australians to go on to tertiary education.

Climate change – Labor says its goal is to achieve 50 per cent renewables by 2030 and net zero pollution by 2050.

Budget repair – a ten-year plan to repair the Australian economy.


Health – Malcolm Turnbull is promising world class healthcare with hospital funding and a healthier Medicare. the Liberal/Nationals Coality want cheaper medicines, mental health reforms and new drugs.

Ending Domestic Violence – The Coalition has committed to a $100 million funding campaign to keep women safe at home and break the cycle of domestic violence.

A strong new economy – Tax cuts and incentives for small businesses and hard working families. A sustainable budget with crackdowns on tax avoidance and loopholes. Guaranteed funding for health, education and roads.

If you are unable to vote on election day you can apply for a postal vote under certain circumstances. To find out more about the election, your responsibilities and procedures go to the Australian Electoral Commission website at