Business Beat: August Edition


R.T. Edwards exits Ipswich

It is the end of an era in Ipswich, as the RT Edwards sign was removed from the business in early July. Roy Edwards started the retail business in 1931; the name and the Edwards family have been synonymous with Ipswich business ever since. Tom and Gary Edwards sold out to Radio Rentals a decade ago but the RT Edwards name has remained until the RR decision to close all retail stores in Queensland.

Nicholas Street Tour

On Friday 19th July local businesses had the opportunity to attend a behind the scenes tour held by the council that was designed to offer a comprehensive view of the refurbished Nicholas Street vision. The tour took participants through the roads and pathways around Nicholas Street and introduced them to the future landscaping and parking plans as well as showing them the beginnings of the Ipswich City Council building and the mapped locations for the Dec Bar, Ipswich Library, Civic Piazza, water play area and event spaces.
For those who went of the tour, the response was positive. The Newspower Agency in particular expressed their excitement over the developments, especially the plans for the precinct to operate at night with LED lighted seating among gardened tiers, suggesting that it would improve traffic in the area and provide a family friendly atmosphere. Unfortunately for some businesses it would seem they didn’t get the message or were unable to secure a spot on the tour. Although looking forward to a functioning precinct again, there is still some confusion about the lack of communication, especially those who have been there for many years. The council had stated that if there was a high enough demand they would hold another tour but for some businesses the missed opportunity is reminiscent of continued poor communication between council and those affected by the renovations. While businesses are excited about the positive changes that will come with the re-opening, there are still issues that have disappointed some.
Parking is still a contentious issue in the Ipswich CBD with businesses stating that the 2 minute loading zones are impossible to work with, especially those who have large deliveries. This isn’t the first time poor parking has been raised as an issue, with Tower Central saying earlier in the year that the lack of parking was contributing to poor foot traffic. While the council is yet to reveal parking overhauls in the recent local law changes, the drive through areas on Nicholas Street drive through area could reveal some improvements.
Additionally some businesses are concerned about the lack of change to rent prices. Despite the renovations causing a noticeable drop in trade and customers, they are being required to pay the same rent as before. This has left some worrying whether they will make it to Christmas, when the restoration is said to be finished.

Brow and Beaute Boudoir open

Ipswich has welcomed Brow and Beaute Boudoir, a luxurious all services waxing, facial treatment, collagen therapy, lash extension and brow shaping beauty parlour. Located on Ellensborough St, the pamper parlour is run by Jodie, who has been working in the industry for over twenty years. Jodie, a former Ipswich local moved back here with her family two months ago, and says the response to the salon has been remarkably positive with customers more than satisfied with her perfectionist approach. If you’d like to make an appointment, head to the Brow and Beaute Facebook page, email Jodie at [email protected] or call on 0438744210.