Business catches the wave at Orion Lagoon, Springfield


What was originally estimated to be 100,000 per year now looks more like 600,000. In October, Council estimated the crowd to be more than 55,000 with interest in the South Bank size and style waterway well beyond earlier expectation.

Businesses surrounding the lagoon have reported an average 35 per cent or more surge in sales with the newly opened Cold Rock café now the franchise’s consecutive number one hot spot for the national chain.

“We know that people are attracted to water and I’m happy to report our CBD with the lagoon is becoming a real bonanza for all involved.” said Maha Sinnathamby the founder and visionary behind Greater Springfield.

The opening of the $154 million extension to the Orion Springfield Shopping precinct located directly across the road is sharing in the excitement. Restaurants are brimming and the massive Events Cinema complex is also a crowd puller.

“All I have to say is Merry Christmas.” said Maha. “We have more in store as they say, for 2016”