Choose your Camellias for autumn


Camellias are beautiful flowering plants that have been around for hundreds of years, and would have been a definite feature in grandmother’s garden! They are a hardy plant that can withstand hot and cold temperatures, great for Autumn and start flowering around March/April.

There are two types of Camellias, the full sun Sasanqua and the part shade Japonicas. First to flower in Autumn are the Sasanqua, with colours from white through to dark red. Japonicas flower mid-Winter to early spring and when nurtured properly from shrubs, by maintaining well drained soil and fertilisation, they are long lasting, coming back year after year with beautiful blooms.

New in stock are the Queensland Waratah trees, with glossy green foliage and masses of bright red flower clusters produced in Spring and Summer. This is an Australian beauty and a bird attracting tree.

North Tivoli Nursery also has a range of Earthlife garden soil conditioners, great to help put the minerals back into your soil. Surefire herbicide and pesticide products formally found at Town and Country are also available.

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