Christmas entertaining when there’s not a lot of space


Living in an apartment or smaller abode shouldn’t prevent you from hosting Christmas! Following these simple tips will make even the most cramped spaces feel like an open and humble abode.

De-clutter the space

Don’t make a small space even smaller with non-essential décor and clutter. Where possible, stash items in rooms where your guests won’t be frequenting throughout the day. If you have pets, ensure they are kept in a space where they are comfortable and won’t be interrupting guests.

Be strategic about presentation

As lovely as extravagant Christmas décor can be, it simply doesn’t work in a small space – especially on a crowded table during Christmas lunch! To avoid this, stick to more intricate decorations. Additionally, a small trolley or cart is the perfect way to give you essential table space when you need it, but can be conveniently moved out of the way when the serving is done.

Separate the party space

Instead of having everybody crowd around the one area, set up multiple stations around your party space. Having an even spread of guests in the small space will make it feel larger than it really is. You can do this by having stations on your deck or outdoor space, your living room and your kitchen table.

Cool it down

Small spaces heat up quickly, especially during summer. Make sure you let air in before your guests arrive, and have fans and air-conditioning switched on during the party. If it’s still feeling too stuffy, take the party outside for some outdoor activities after lunch or dinner is served!