Discover Epic Art at Ipswich Art Gallery Exhibitions


The Ipswich Art Gallery currently has five epic exhibitions to enjoy, and the best part is there’s something there for people of any age.

If it’s been a while since you’ve ventured into the world of culture, art and discovery, why not plan a trip to Ipswich’s home of arts and history?

Entanglement by Kate Douglas:
Until 11 Nov 2018

Originally from Sydney, Kate Douglas fell in love with Ipswich and now resides on the banks of the Bremer River. Her artworks, including ‘Living Together’ above, capture the view at the river’s edge: ever changing networks of trees, roots, ragged grasses, leaves and other flora, ebbing and flowing with the tides and seasons leaving Kate with endless inspiration.

Imagine This:
Until 11 Nov 2018

Imagine a flower.. Imagine a car.. Imagine a bird! Use colourful and creative craft materials to imagine and make something….then take your creation home or display it in the gallery for others to see.

Imagine this.. is a hands-on studio space where children and families can imagine and make art together. Four inventive art works by Australian artists provide the inspiration and all the art materials are provided. It’s the perfect way to encourage children to explore an artist’s ideas and to stimulate their own imaginations.

Iconic Australian Houses:
Until 18 Nov 2018

Iconic Australian Houses, curated by Karen McCartney and presented in partnership with Architecture Foundation Australia is a behind-the-scenes exploration of 30 of the most important Australian homes of the past 60 years.

The exhibition explores the design and building of these houses, as well as the experiences of those who live in them, and illustrates the emergence of a distinctively Australian approach to home design. Vivid photography, rich illustrations, 3D models and filmed interviews look beyond the physical structures to tell the story of how good design can enrich lifestyle.

Ipswich House Portraits:
Until 2 Dec 2018

This selection of ‘house portraits’ examines the city’s significant domestic architectural heritage as seen through the eyes of contemporary Queensland artists.

These house portraits are more than mere pictorial representations of the city’s heritage-listed buildings, instead offering explorations into the architectural design, construction and fabrication methods while also exposing more than a hint of the personal histories and memories of their former residents.

Playing with Light:
1st December 2018 to 28 April 2019

Let there be light! Step out of the darkness and into this hands-on, interactive exhibition where visitors can play with light.

Can you sneak past a laser light security block? Why not step inside a giant kaleidoscope!

You can even “draw” with infrared “paint”, or make your own powerful telescope!

Playing with Light explores our big bright world and the many ways in which science and physics create light!