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Orion Lagoon Springfield

Ipswich has some great places to spend some time away from the February heat and humidity. Here are four places to cool off.

Orion Lagoon in Springfield
The Orion Lagoon in Springfield is a free, glorious water playground that caters for all age groups and abilities. The network is made up of interconnected pools of varying depth, that hug the grassy shore, giving off a beach like feel and making it easy for everyone from toddlers to adults to splash around. There is an interactive water feature section with squirting spouts, stepping stones and sunbathing platforms. Shade is provided by colourful sails that sit over grassy areas and there are free barbeques and picnic tables for you to kick back and enjoy lunch. If you can’t be bothered cooking after all that swimming, head on over to the nearby cafes and bars. Best of all? Orion Lagoon offers night time swims until nine!

The Cottage RestaurantThe Cottage Restaurant
There’s a new place to be in town, The Cottage Restaurant in the Ipswich CBD. The menu features modern dining with a French and Mediterranean twist that sees it offering up dishes like ‘Rolled rabbit with wood mushrooms, braised fennel, cauliflower puree, heirloom baby carrots and red currants’ and ‘Smoked duck breast, faro and rocket risotto, parfait cromesquis and toasted walnut and creamed corn’ while desserts include ‘Hazelnut and white chocolate mousse with mandarin ice, vanilla bean cake and spiced cherry sauce’ and a ‘Lavender crème brulée’. Nab a seat on the verandah to enjoy the breeze and escape the heat of a balmy evening.

Ipswich Antique CentreIpswich Antique Centre
If you’ve got some shopping in mind but can’t bear to face the shopping centre, the Ipswich Antique Centre is the place for you. The heritage-listed Uniting Church Central Memorial Hall, built in 1895 (and now thankfully air-conditioned), boasts a beautiful range of vintage jewellery and clothing, movie memorabilia, kitsch 1950s and ‘60s items, as well as larger items such as Australian Colonial and Victorian English furniture. You’re sure to stay sweat-free while you find your treasures.

The Soul CauldronThe Soul Cauldron
Tucked away in the depths below the Old Flour Mill, there lays a bookshop called the Soul Cauldron. It’s another world down those wooden steps, and if you’re looking for something a little different, you’ll be delighted to feast your eyes on books relating to the mind, body and the metaphysical. You’ll find tomes on the faerie world, Buddhism, positive affirmations and Wikka, and everything in between. Adding to the mystical, magical ambience is the scent of incense in the air (and for sale) as well as candles, crystals, jewellery and even little steel cauldrons. Built on the remnants of the old mill, you’ll stay cool below ground while you soak up the loveliness of the old beams and bare bricks.

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