DIY Herb Garden


This hanging window herb garden is easy to make and especially suitable for those with smaller backyard spaces, to ensure you have access to fresh homegrown herbs all year round!
Tools needed:
Hammer drill with masonry drill bit
Drop sheet
Measuring tape
Spirit level
15mm x 450mm galvanised pipe x 4
15mm galvanised flanges x 4
112mm x 4.5mm butchers hooks x 8
Galvanised two-way connectors x 2
Masonry anchors (or hex nut bolts) x 16
Herb plants
Potting mix
Small galvanised buckets
Spray paint
Measure and mark the desired heights for your two pipe rails. Leave enough distance between the bottom pipe and the window frame for the hanging herb buckets to fit. Hold the flanges in place on the bricks and mark the drill points with a permanent marker.
Step 2:
Drill holes into your wall for the flanges using a hammer drill with a 6mm masonry bit.
Step 3:
Measure the width of your window to determine the length of pipe required to make the hanger. Connect two pieces of pipe together with the two-way connector. Repeat this to make the second hanger. Mark on the pipe the width of the window. Clamp the pipe to the work bench and use the hacksaw to cut the pipes to length.
Step 4:
Slide the flanges onto each end of the galvanised pipe. Line the flange up with the holes drilled in the wall. Tap in the masonry bolts in with your hammer and secure them with the drill.
Step 5:
Choose herbs that are in season, and that you regularly use. Remove them from their containers and place them in the buckets. Top up with good quality potting mix, then water and fertilise.
Step 6:
Hang your buckets on the galvanised pipe with the butchers hooks. Make sure they are evenly spaced and remember to water the herbs regularly.
DIY Project Courtesy Bunnings Warehouse