do-it-yourself: Terrariums


Terrariums are a fun and unique twist to the average indoor plant, and are quite simple to make – even for the most amateur gardener!

What you’ll need:

– Glass container
– Pebbles or stones
– Activated charcoal
– Potting soil
– Plants


– Decorations (figurines, shells, large stones etc.)

Layer 1: Cover the bottom inch or two with a layer of small pebbles or stones for drainage, to avoid excess water rotting your plant’s roots.

Layer 2: Put a thin layer of activated charcoal on top of the stones. Activated charcoal stops mold from developing, and can be purchased from most reputable nursery’s.

Layer 3: Add an inch or two of potting soil. By this step, the layers should only equal about 1/4 of the size of the terrarium. Remember, different plants require different soils – if it’s a succulent focussed terrarium you’re making, get soil that is specifically labeled for desert style plants.

Layer 4: Place the plants into the soil, from largest to smallest. It is important to choose plants that have the same light, soil and moisture requirements.

Layer 5: (Optional!): Really make it your own by adding decorative shells, stones or figurines. We love the look of tiny fairies or decorative mushroom figurines!

Things to consider:

Succulents thrive in bright light, low moisture conditions so find a place where they can enjoy a lot of indirect light.

They need decent air circulation, so avoid vessels with limited ventilation. (eg. fish bowls).

Don’t overwater them – root rot can kill plants. Instead, let the soil dry out between waterings and gently mist around once a week.