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Actress Amber Heard clearly hasn’t forgotten about her spat with Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce earlier this year, when Heard and her then-husband Johnny Depp have their precious pups Boo and Pistol thrown out of the country under bio-security concerns.

MP Joyce has recently been under his own immigration pressures when it was revealed that he was a New Zealand citizen and therefore constitutionally unfit to be Deputy PM. Heard decided that revenge is a dish best served with kiwis, when she tweeted that she sent him “a box of New Zealands finest kiwis (assuming it passes his biosecurity laws).” Barnaby is yet to respond to the cheeky quip although history between these two assures us that this facetious feud has just begun.

In a win for women in the music industry, Taylor Swift has won her sexual assault case against radio host David Mueller. The Denver DJ was accused of groping Swift during a backstage meet and greet in 2013.

While Mueller was fired and sought $3 million in damages relating to his ‘ruined career,’ Swift won the case and simply sought a symbolic $1 payout.

The incredibly successful singer acknowledged her privileged position in being able to pursue a case in court and said she wanted to be a a voice for those who couldn’t speak. In addition the singer committed to donating to multiple organisations who assist sexual assault victims who are unable to defend themselves.

Not again! Game of… leaked!

For a second season in a row, someone behind the scenes of HBO’s absolute smash hit Game of Thrones has seriously stuffed up. Four men have been arrested for leaking the fourth episode of the wildly popular television series. After ten days of investigation authorities were able to locate who pirated the content and detain the culprits. The four men were apart of a Mumbai based company that created an application with official looking credentials. This is how they were able to access the information. Despite the dodgy quality of the leak it was still downloaded by a huge number of eager fans!

Britney Spears has kept in tip-top shape over the past few years.

Spears recently took the opportunity to talk about her mixed relationship with the media.
“It’s really crazy ‘cause one minute, they tear you down and it was really horrible,” she said. “And the next minute, you’re on top of the world, you know.”