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Celebrity mums Katherine Heigl and Blake Lively are showing off their bods post-partum – and proving it’s not so easy to bounce back. Heigl took to Instagram to post a comparison shot from a month after giving birth to son Joshua Jr, to a full year later and finally, her most recent transformation. ”It’s been almost 14 months since Joshua Jr was born and it has taken me about that long to really get back in shape,” she wrote. “I wish I had a few from in between the first and second so you could really see how slow my progress was but alas…I was busy covering it all up those months, not posing in my undies!” Heigl is due to fill the void of bombshell Meghan Markle in hit legal drama, Suits, which is one of her motivating factors for her weightloss.

Similarly, Blake Lively also took to social media to show off her toned body, also fourteen months post partum. Losing 61 pounds (27.5kg), Lively said Turns out you can’t lose the 61 lbs you gained during pregnancy by just scrolling through instragram and wondering why you don’t look like all the bikini models. Thanks @donsaladino for kickin my A double S into shape. 10 months to gain, 14 months to lose. Feeling very proud,” Blake shared with her social media followers. Her aforementioned trainer, Don Saladino said it was not a “quick fix approach”, rather, a slow process where Lively was allowed to indulge in delicious, whole foods and train 4-5 times per week.

Hollywood’s hottest couple, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend cannot come up with a name for their second baby.

Taking to the Ellen Show, Teigen joked that baby no.2 (which is a boy, due in June) probably won’t have a middle name because “we can’t even think of a first name.”

“Boy names are really tough,” the former Sports Illustrated model said.

However, the couple never struggled to name their first born, Luna.

“There was a blood moon happening. It was a very beautiful night, really big vivid red moon and just gorgeous,” she told host Ellen DeGeneres.

“I have a love for space. I think about space camp all the time and my days at space camp as a youngster. And so I thought Luna was just perfect.”

Former Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has confessed she tested positive for THC after giving birth to daughter Ensley.

Admitting this in Vince Russo’s podcast, Evans said THC (an active ingredient found in cannabis) was found in only her system and not the babies. Her reasoning for smoking cannabis whilst pregnant was to ease esophageal spasms.

“I tested positive for THC and Ensley did not test positive. I did. So CPS [child protective services[ were like — I was in the hospital — they said, ‘Did you smoke when you were pregnant?’ I said, ‘I did within the past 30 days. I said I have really bad esophageal spasms and I throw up every 5 minutes, I can’t even eat.’ And they said, ‘Okay, some moms do that. We are not here to judge, we are writing down your information.’”

The reality TV star is a former drug addict, formerly admitting she would shoot up heroin 3-5 times a day in her tell-all novel, Between the Lines: From the Diary of a Teenage Mom.

However, her interview on the Russo podcast had Evans swearing she was clean.