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Selena Gomez has opened up to Vogue Australia about why she’s still single. The singer has a successful singing career and rose to fame as a Disney star appearing in her own show, ‘The wizards of Waverly place’, but is sometimes best known for her relationship with Justin Bieber. Selena confesses it’s hard to have a relationship with the world watching on. She says it’s off-putting but when you’re beautiful with an incredible career we’re not sure we can see the problem, surely possible suitors would be queueing up!

Supermodel and actress Cara Delevingne has shocked audiences when she opened up about her serious battle with depression. This is the woman who seems to have everything, from the perfect eyebrows to singing, acting and drumming talents, as well as modelling for Chanel, Burberry and Tom Ford. Cara says she struggled with depression as a teenager and told Vogue that at age 16 the pressures of suppressing emotion, family struggles and exams resulted in “a mental breakdown’.” It shows that celebrities are just real people like us and hopefully Cara’s moving article will help other young people feel more empowered to admit their own struggles and seek help.

Barack Obama has celebrated his 55th birthday, and his wife Michelle pulled out all the stops to ensure a magical night. The party was a star studded event, with guests such as Jay Z, Beyonce, Nick Jonas, Kendrick Lamar and John Legend. There was entertainment from none other than Stevie Wonder and Usher, performing at the White House party. The president has always been relevant in pop culture, relatable and loved by the people of America and all over the world, and now he’s shown us he definitely knows how to party. It’ll be a sad day when he leaves the White House in January 2017!

Kylie Jenner recently turned 19, and her rapper boyfriend Tyga topped his present from last year (a Ferrari) with a Mercedes-Maybach costing a cool $200,000. Just your average birthday gift then….

Mariah Carey has a new reality show, ‘Mariahs World’, and it’s set it to be crazy and dramatic. Mariah is known for her diva-like behaviour and outrageous outfits. Clips of the show reveal Mariah planning her lavish wedding to billionaire James Packer, with cameras following her in her ‘everyday’ life. We cannot wait for the series to hit our screens.