Exploring the ghostly realms of Ipswich


Pariah Paranormal are a tight team of investigators who explore the ghostly realms of historical places. An all Ipswich group, the team began to offer tours in 2018 that invited willing accomplices to join in and become the investigators for the night.
Participants are armed with special equipment that allows them to track, listen to, interpret and sometimes even see ghostly apparitions.
The June expedition saw the Pariah Paranormal team delve into the history of the Laidley Pioneer Village, a small museum made up of several colonial era buildings sourced from Warwick to Laidley -a church, a blacksmith shed, butcher, prison, cottage, schoolhouse, machinery shed and a morgue- all you need for a night of spooks.
Walking into the pitch black church at eight o’clock at night, we found Team 1 of ghost hunters, equipped with all the ghost hunting necessities: K2 radios, ‘paranormal pucks’ hooked to speakers, infrared night vision cameras, spirit boxes and motion sensor balls.
They were having a chat with a local ghost who resided in the machinery shed; it was in short, a very eerie scene. After finding this character a bit shy, the team moved onto the blacksmith shed, an enormous corrugated iron building where hooks and chains hung in the gloom, setting the scene for a haunting encounter. This room, according to one of the volunteers, was where a very active ghost lived and several of the Pariah Paranormal team said they could feel it as it moved through the work shed. The radio chattered and lights flashed and the verdict was ‘he’ wanted us to leave immediately.
After that, we broke for cake and tea and to discuss what we had seen and felt. It was a very welcome relief to walk into the (kitchen) light and back to the world of the living, Tim Tam in hand.
The team at Pariah Paranormal have been conducting these tours since 2018 but founder Dwayne Simpson says that he and wife Melissa got the bug after watching paranormal television shows and began investigating in 2004.
The team consists of founder, lead investigator, tech guy and history researcher Dwayne, Melissa in administration, Tanya: lead paranormal investigator, Kristie and Tina who are ‘empaths’, Debbie a psychic medium, David, Troy and Michael, all investigators. They are a passionate team who do it purely for the love of it.
The tours are so popular that Dwayne is now approached by businesses that believe the histories of their old properties may be of interest. Later this year they will explore the Australian Hotel at Boonah, reportedly one of the most haunted places in Australia. It was in the second half while waiting outside the morgue, that Dwayne revealed these tours often result in many sightings and that he had once seen a full bodied apparition appear while investigating the Ipswich memorial hall.
The tour continued through the school house where several poltergeists made themselves known through the lights on the K2 radio and flashing motion sensors, through the morgue and into the prison, where two volunteers were offered in an ‘ experiment.’ Blindfolded, in the dark with their ears plugged into the racing chatter of the radios, they were locked into the dark room in the hope of a loud and clear communication; apparently more likely in a place like the prison. The brave volunteers had no luck but were willing to move through the other buildings, investigating objects, historical figures and theories as they went.
Finally, in the machinery shed, Debbie experienced a sensation so strong she had to run outside, in order not to be ill. The message was clear, tour was over.
Thankfully, no full apparitions were spied that night but each room hung heavy with a presence of anticipation and curiosity and this made it far more enjoyable than any ghost could have. The tour is a fantastic way to soak up history in a very different fashion and the Pariah Paranormal team are the ghost busters you’ll want by your side when you do it.