Fashion in 2019: You wouldn’t believe it!


This year is going to be full of unusual fashion and beauty trends, so we’ve scoped out some of the ones that are worth trying – no matter how weird or unconventional they may seem!

Mary Jane Shoes
The adorable flats made famous by a character of the same name from the Buster Brown comic strip in the New York Herald (dating back to 1902) has made a resurgence. We last saw these shoes in the 90’s, when celebrities like Courtney Love donned a ‘sixties’ vibe (if you’ve been keeping up with our fashion articles, you’d know the 60’s are back baby – so it makes sense that Mary Jane’s are also back in fashion).

Hair Clips
Yes, hair clips – like we all went crazy with in the 90’s – are back, but much more chic. Wise fashion guru, Rozalia Russian once said: “2019… scarves are out, clips are in” and she couldn’t be more right. Clips can be used on a fairly simple hairstyle to add a unique point of difference – whether it’s one big clip, several little clips or even mismatched clips. The options are endless, and two great things about this trend are it’s practicality and affordability.

Ditch the Chemicals
Ditching moisturiser?! It sounds insane, but when you’re using products like Biologi, you simply don’t need one. “You don’t need to use a moisturiser because Biologi is hydrating enough” said Lucy Kuper, general manager of the brand. What’s more, they’re one of the only (if not, the only) companies that are pure plant to bottle. With many people wanting to live a tox-free life, organic skin care and makeup companies are having a real moment right now – Quite Frankly Natural, LaMav Organic Skin Science and Curtis Collection are just some of the brands to explore if you’re wanting to switch your skincare and makeup to something more natural.

Modern Day Perms
Perms crept back onto our radar in 2018 when Australia’s favourite golden girl, Zoe Foster-Blake decided to embrace curly locks. However, if you’re scared by the perms of yesteryear (ahem, the 80’s) don’t be – they’ve taken a much more practical, feminine turn that is easier to maintain and looks less like a poodle’s mane. Salons now use a technique where the perm rods are randomized, resulting in an unconventional wave pattern that is more subtle and casual.