Fathers Day


Dads, granddads, stepdads and uncles are amazing. But let’s be honest, aren’t they the worst to buy for? You’ve already given them new ties, socks and jocks, and when you ask what they want or need they insist they have everything.

Luckily for you, we have done some out of the box thinking so the special Man in your life can get what he really wants this Fathers Day.

The Sporty Dad

It might not be for every Dad, but why not try and plan a day out to watch his favourite sport? If you’re tight on cash, grab the football or soccer ball and organise your own game in the park. A top present choice might be some merchandise for his favourite team, or some new sporting equipment if he’s still playing his favourite sport.

The Thrill-Seeking Dad

Got a Dad that lives life to the extreme? Why not invest in a Red Balloon voucher! That way, you can choose from crazy presents like a lap in a V8 car at Willowbank, to skydiving or any other adrenaline filled adventure you can think of.

The “Loves a Challenge” Dad

If your Dad enjoys things like puzzles and quizzes, set up a “games day” with the family where you can battle each other out (and not go easy on Dad, either!) For his present, why not visit C.J Vogler & Sons? Their conveniently located Hobby Shop in the top of town has things like model trains to digital radio systems and more that your geeky tech-minded Dad will love.

The Foodie Dad

This is an idea that pretty much the whole family can enjoy – take your Dad on a food and drink trail in Ipswich (think Pumpyard, Dovetails and Ungermann Brothers for dessert) or even places like Southbank in Brisbane where there’s plenty of options to choose from.

Again, if you’re tight on cash, you could always plan a nice picnic full of his favourite foods and head somewhere with a view (and a bottle of his favourite alcohol, of course!)