Five features to transform your backyard


Five major new landscaping styles have emerged as the early trendsetters shaping backyards in 2020. The use of Pantone Blue, geometric hardscaping, flexible gardens, smart irrigation and bringing the inside, out, should be on your radar if your garden is looking ready for a re-do.

Flipping the scene

Personalising your backyard space is as easy as creating a replica of your interior with elements designed to boost your interaction with sunlight, cool breeze, the ability to have fires, sunrise and sunset. Lounges, lamps, rugs, shelves and tables can all be brought outside to create an area that’s better than glamping, and far more preferable to being stuck between four solid walls.

Colour of the year: Pantone Classic Blue

Just as bringing the interior design of your home outside is gaining traction, so is the use of colour palettes formerly reserved for brightening the lounge room. Thanks to Pantone we are now all fully aware we should be living in blue and this fits perfectly in the garden. Incorporating a water feature wall in the colour, or a classic blue sculpture will pay homage to the tone while providing a practical design element.

Geometric Hard Scaping

Patterned walkways and geometric tiles trawl a clean line through neatly manicured, easily maintained backyards. With a little preparation, home-owners can design their own pattern to be installed or try their own hand at a feature that allows them to flaunt their distinctive style.

Smart irrigation

As people take more interest in where their food comes from, the popularity of food-driven gardens has grown, along with a whole range of technology-driven techniques to enhance space, grow food and keep temperatures down- all of which relies on smart irrigation. Smart irrigation is the practice of computer timed and moderated watering systems that make the most of the water source to provide moisture in the right places at the right levels. It saves water and boosts growth with little effort on behalf of the gardener.

Flexible Gardens

How we buy and live in houses has changed and for many families, this means staying in the same house until their children have grown. However, while the people stay put a garden, even a small space, can grow and fluctuate. What begins as a sandpit can evolve to hold a water tank, to a box garden, to a compost patch, to a cubby house foundation to a small fruit tree grove. Knowing what space you’re working with can allow you to experience many gardens and green spaces over the years, all in the same place.