Former Ipswich Court House becomes a movie set!


Starting in Haigslea and moving to former Ipswich Court House, which temporarily became Toowoomba Court House as the filming for the Australian movie ‘Don’t Tell’ started in March.


Closely based on the story of child abuse survivor Lyndal, who dared to take on a legal battle against Toowoomba Preparatory School after she suffered sexual abuse as an 11-year-old girl in 1990 at the hands of the Boarding House Master Kevin George Guy.


Producer Scott Corfield who describes the movie as ‘a legal drama with heart’ says that Ipswich was chosen as one of the locations to film in because with a cast of 50+ members coming from Brisbane and the Gold Coast they needed a handful of places in close proximity. Scott says it was also because Ipswich City Council were so helpful in regards to closing off roads and accommodating the large amount of traffic coming into the CBD with their film crews, making the filming process go very smoothly for them.

Scott Corfield

The movie is essentially a story about the fight for Justice in the legal system by a very determined young girl and her lawyer, Stephen Roche who wrote the book ‘Don’t Tell’. It sheds light on the 2001 case and shows how what Lyndal did gave other victims and survivors of abuse a voice.

It also brought about important change in Education, instigating the blue card background check, which is now compulsory for all staff in Schools.


‘Don’t Tell’ features an amazing all Australian cast such as Sara West, Aden Young, Jack Thompson, Rachel Griffiths and Gyton Grantley to name just a few and will hit the big screen in movie theatres Australia wide in early to mid 2017.