Hollie chooses Army over Dad’s Air Force

Hollie Irvine (centre) with her family at the Induction ceremony

There’s friendly rivalry in the Irvine family home, with Hollie Irvine choosing an Australian Army career over her father’s Air Force career.

Endless opportunities and the chance to be a leader are just some of the reasons why Hollie decided to pursue a career with the Australian Defence Force.

Ms Irvine will now call the Royal Military College – Duntroon (RMC-D) home for 18 months, where she and other cadets will undertake world-class leadership, management and military training.

Hollie’s military ambitions were not only inspired by her father, Squadron Leader Philip Irvine, an Electrical Engineer in the RAAF, but also from attending open days and Officers’ Mess Balls.

“Nothing has excited me more than this career choice, with the endless possibilities and opportunities,” Ms Irvine said.

“I believe that I am a strong leader and have the ability to lead and positively influence others to be the best self they can.”

Senior Military Recruiting Officer, Major Peter Scott said the RMC-D provides world-class opportunities and skills to cadets that are easily transferable to not only civilian life, but everyday scenarios as well.

“From day one Hollie will learn to lead a team of up to eight people. When she graduates, Hollie will be capable of taking charge of a platoon of up to 30 soldiers.

“Team work, even just the ability to make friends and be confident in new surroundings and settings, public speaking, maintaining fitness, resilience.. all of those sorts of things are quite easily transferred to civilian roles,” MAJ Scott said.

MAJ Scott said a career in the Army, RAAF or Navy appeals to many young Australians for not only the travel opportunities, but for the “many, many careers within the one career.”

“The younger generation see it’s a positive that we get to change roles or at least change units and locations every couple of years.. there’s always something new and something different,” he said.

“Later on in your career, it really becomes a chance for you to choose your own adventure on which pathway you want to travel down.”

Keen on a career that provides world-class skills and opportunities? MAJ Scott advises those who are interested to do research at www.defencejobs.gov.au, find an information session or even begin an application which can be withdrawn at anytime if you change your mind.