IHF Funds Prostate Cancer Detection


Ipswich Hospital Foundation is proud to commit funding to Prostate Cancer detection for West Moreton men. IHF CEO Phillip Bell said the IHF Board and Foundation focus on the clinical needs of staff so they can deliver great outcomes for the West Moreton community.

Ipswich Hospital Urology Registrar Simon Harley said the IHF funded Trans-rectal Ultrasound and Transducer has already enabled an improved service for patients.

“The biopsy procedure enabled by the ultrasound equipment allows a diagnosis to be made,” he said. “Although this procedure is at times joked about among men, it is a very well tolerated under anaesthetic and patients can go home within a few hours of the procedure.

“The biopsy is where small samples of tissue are taken from your prostate gland, using an ultrasound device. This investment enables earlier detection, treatment and survival of prostate cancer. “It is important to remember that after the age of 45, testing for prostate cancer is recommended as part of a routine examination by your primary care doctor.

Eligible patients can now seek an MRI for prostate cancer diagnosis, as Medicare rebates cover scans.”

Local man and friend of the Ipswich Hospital Foundation Peter Reeves knows better than most about the importance of a local investment in prostate health. Peter Reeves has lived in Ipswich since 1991 and this year is celebrating two milestones: 50 years a runner and 20 years without a day off, despite a Prostate Cancer diagnosis. He says even when he’s injured he won’t miss a day.

“You can work around injuries with running and I didn’t miss a beat when I was enduring treatment for Prostate Cancer. During treatment I ensured I kept active as I knew research showed it would benefit my recovery. If I could say anything to men it would be to be more aware of your health risks as you get older. I ignored the requests by my doctor to get a blood test when I was 62, and when he insisted at a check-up the follow year, my PSA levels (Prostate-specific antigen) were at dangerously high levels. I received a biopsy at Ipswich Hospital, which confirmed that I had Prostate Cancer and would need radiation treatment to get it under control. To hear that IHF is funding new, additional equipment is fantastic.