International Women’s Day 8th March


International Women’s Day (IWD) celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women.

Pia Horfield & Larisa Seghers

As an educator of 20 years I have been a strong advocate for sport participation, particularly in girls and coached numerous teams at Bremer ranging from rugby league to cheer leading. I was a key advocate and organiser for the inaugural Queensland Sate Secondary Girls Invitational Cricket Carnival back in 2003; 15 years on this is now an established sport on the Queensland school calendar. I believe sport is an essential activity for everyone of all shapes, sizes and ages. The benefits are many, so get out there and experience them! – Larisa Seghers

At the age of 8, I remember fondly watching my favourite PE teacher ‘Miss Todd’ train the school sport teams; I wanted to be just like her and I wanted to play just like them. It was from here my love for sport began. In 2007, I become a PE teacher, where I have enjoyed inspiring young females in roles such as sport coordinator and sport coach, to push the boundaries and be the best version of themselves. Sport builds stronger, healthier and happier young women. I strive to encourage my students to be involved in whatever capacity they can, and maybe one day become a PE teacher just like me.
– Pia Horsfield

Jennifer Howard, MP

This year is shaping up to be the year of gender equality, according to The State Member for Ipswich, Jennifer Howard. Women hold some of Queensland’s most senior roles.

Strong, competent and capable females fill the positions of Premier, Deputy Premier and Treasurer, and the Attorney-General. In fact, women make up half of Anastacia Palaszczuk’s Ministry team, on which I am proud to serve.

However, of the 93 seats in Queensland’s Parliament, just 30 are filled by women – only around 30 per cent of all Members. Queensland Labor has a strong record of promoting women, which is why 23 of the 30 women in Parliament are Labor women. It is why two talented women fill the top Queensland Labor Party leadership positions.

Ms Howard is confident in the future of women in positions of political leadership in Queensland. “I am proud to represent a region that boasts a history of strong women, but we need to keep pressing forward,” she said.

The 2018 United Nation’s International Women’s Day encourages all of us to progress gender equality and inclusivity, under the banner of #PressForProgress.

Get involved and celebrate Women’s Week between 3-11 March.

Tina Bartholomai

After working in State Government for 10 years, Tina with husband Terry opened a Montezuma’s Restaurant at Riverlink after being loyal patrons of the Mexican restaurant chain for over 27 years.

Using her studies in management, Tina wanted to not only open this business for herself but for husband and children also. “I thought this was a perfect opportunity and it gave my family the chance to run a small business and to work with the community,” Tina said.

Since opening almost three years ago, Tina has provided her staff with a flexible working environment and encouragement so they too can achieve their dreams, like university studies and travel. The proud Ipswichians also contribute to the local community, fundraising for schools, community groups and charities, which Tina believes is a good learning experience for all her family. Her advice for women wanting to start their own business; “It is hard work but very satisfying so definitely give it a go. Speak to people who have been there and done that and soak up the knowledge; you have a lot to gain if you do.”