Ipswich City Mall – your say and ideas


After three days of community conversation, more than 575 community attendees and 316 postcard ideas submitted, the people of Ipswich have spoken about what they want for the Ipswich City Square Mall redevelopment. You may notice that some of these ideas have already been implemented in the Mall!

Look and Feel

Embrace the ‘old town’ feel
A subtropical character – green walls, planting, shade elements, water and trees.

Bright and Intriging

Organic Growth – embracing a local feel and ‘steady growth’
Destinational hot spot – ‘a new day out’ type attraction for locals and tourists

Food and Beverage

Family friendly restaurants
Relaxing space for parents – suitable for coffee or lunch whilst children play nearby
Thriving nightlife – wine bars and restaurants open late
Fresh food – market style, with fresh fruit, bakery, deli, butcher

Summertime Play

Play destinations appropriate for all ages from young children to young adults
Purposeful play – equipment that mentally and physically challenges children
Imaginative play
Big kids play – adventure style activities suitable for teenagers and young adults
Play and Entertainment – eg. Strike Bowling
Climate appropriate – implementing shade and climate control for summer days


Every day activity – live music, outdoor fitness classes etc.
Community events – continue with food fairs and introduce moonlight cinemas

Civic/Community Activities

Community working zones
A place to meet – ensuring public transport is well connected to most of Ipswich