Ipswich, ‘FUSED’ with Art

Beginning of a mural at Art Time Supplies

FUSED Festival is a brand new event coming to Ipswich this September. During a packed weekend of activities, Fused Festival’s idea is simple: to celebrate and highlight the vast array of artistic talents in the city of Ipswich.

The FUSED initiative was inspired by a similar festival in Toowoomba called ‘First Coat’ that facilitated mural projects throughout the city.

Kate Roberts, a director of the mural project here in Ipswich and owner of ArtTime Supplies, hopes the festival will attract the same success and celebration of the arts.

“FUSED, Celebrate the Arts, Ipswich, is just that – celebrating how much talent we have here in our amazing city,” Kate said. “It’s all about showcasing the wide variety of creativity through many different art forms, something for everyone.”

While a major focus is the mural project, the festival is spread throughout Ipswich Central in a bid to imbibe the city with a creative touch that transforms public areas into engaging spaces.

“The mural painting will take about three days with the final touches being added on Saturday” Roberts said.

The mural is located behind ArtTime Supplies and is open to the public for viewing throughout the weekend, and Kate is hoping to attract a big crowd.

Golbey’s Basement will be host to a poetry stage, several art house works as well as DJ music, while D’Arcy Doyle Place will have artisan markets and workshops on the grassy square, as well as emerging singer songwriters on stage.

Underneath the railway pass will be a delightful pop up photography exhibition displaying the works of local photographers.

Dusty’s Bar provides night time entertainment with local bands and in an exciting fusion, the local choir will be putting up a theatre restaurant in Studio 188.

While the festival is running simultaneously as Kitsch in the Switch and the Story Arts Festival, it is an independent project arranged by the Fused committee and will hopefully be a permanent fixture on Ipswich’s cultural calendar.