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Spring is here – making it the perfect time to attend to your garden after a long and cold winter, and to clean up any loose ends before the summer storm season. But before you pick up the power tools and rev-up your mowers – ask yourself, when was the last time I maintained my garden maintenance equipment?

Ipswich Mower and Saw Service are your one stop servicing shop when it comes to all things backyard maintenance.

According to Ipswich Mower and Saw mechanic Casey Turnbull, many customers don’t think about having their equipment serviced at all.. until it’s too late.

“A lack of simple maintenance can turn into a much bigger problem,” Casey said.

“It’s more costly for customers in the long run, especially if they have to resort to major fixes when preventative maintenance would have fixed the problem early.”

Casey, who has worked for Ipswich Mower and Saw for 12 years and does everything from fixing ride on mowers to chainsaws, brush cutters, blowers, hedge trimmers and more says delaying the maintenance of your equipment could also mean waiting in longer queues.

“I suggest to bring everything out of the shed now, make sure it’s right because if it’s not right, come summertime it will be increasingly difficult to get your equipment checked because it’ll be busy and cause a backlog in the workshop.”

Spring is also a great time to consider upgrading some of your backyard equipment.

Ipswich Mower and Saw’s Sales and Spare Parts Administrator Sonia Laritz said there’s plenty of equipment in store that is tailored to your needs and budget.

“Mowers, wood chippers, hedge trimmers, or pole saws to cut down any dead limbs, are an example of great equipment on offer at Ipswich Mower & Saw to begin your backyard clean ups,” Sonia said.

“If it’s a ride-on mower you’re after, we can help you establish which choice would be perfect for you dependent on the size of your lawn, what the terrain is like and what your price range is.

“When it comes to ride-on lawn mowers, Cox Mowers has a reputation of being the best product around. They pride themselves in being proudly Australian owned and operated for more than 60 years. Cox Mowers have a disc and swing back blades. This feature is ideal for Australian terrain where hidden rocks or debris may be struck.

Sonia believes one of the best features about Cox Mowers is that after six decades they’re sticking to a design that works.

“They are designed for the Australian terrain, with a fully welded thick-gauge deck, all parts are readily replaceable, accessible and obtained within one or two days are a few reasons why our customers love our range of Cox Mowers,” she said.

“They’ve stayed the same throughout, they haven’t changed like other brands who have tried to implement things that don’t necessarily work and then have to change them, and they’ve built a great machine and stuck with it.”

An important part of any purchase of motorised and other garden maintenance equipment is after-sales service, especially keeping equipment in good working order and prolonging the life of the equipment.

This is an area in which Ipswich Mower & Saw Service excels having spent decades making sure they have an expert team ready to provide the exact parts and servicings to keep your mower or garden tool in perfect condition.

When it’s time to upgrade, the team has the background expertise to provide the right advice on what you need for your home or gardening project.

They guarantee the products they sell and they stand behind the advice they provide. Customers can be assured that the service won’t stop after the sale has been made.

Ipswich Mower and Saw Service have an outstanding range of backyard tools and equipment to meet your needs. Making sure you have the right tools for the job.

Serving the Ipswich and surrounding areas for more than 60 years, their experienced team are more than happy to help – no matter how big or how small the query is. Offering some of the most competitive prices in the region, you can save yourself some money by dealing with Ipswich Mower & Saw Service.

Why not drop in to their extensive showroom at 466 Warwick Road Yamanto or give them a call on 3288 8126.