Jade Stuart’s fashion comeback in Silkstone


When Jade Stuart closed the doors of her Brisbane Street fashion and giftware store, due to family commitments in 2016, she was devastated.

With the demands of her partner being posted to Melbourne, beginning a nursing degree and raising a young family, Jade said she couldn’t manage a shop front any longer – but she refused to sell her business to anyone else.

“I couldn’t let go of the business, it’s like my baby,” Jade joked.

At the time, Jade by Design had a loyal following and business was booming, so she kept the online side of things running to satisfy her regular customers.

Fast forward to July 2018, Jade has just celebrated the rebirth of Jade by Design – now known as JBD Fashion.

The project Jade describes as a “12 month adventure” means customers now have access to a brand new website, an updated shop and of course, Jade’s styling prowess – tailored from 16 years in the fashion industry.

“You’re not just coming in to purchase an item.. you’re coming in to purchase a whole new look,” Jade said.

“We’ve taken the last twelve months to rebuild who we are and what we’re about.

While Jade enjoyed her online only operations, she’s looking forward to reconnecting with her customers in her new shopfront at Silkstone.

“I actually miss them [the customers] so much, I genuinely miss being apart of the community and helping women feel amazing” Jade said.

“I wanted to get out of the hustle and bustle of the main street that didn’t work for us.

“We’re trying not to make just a location, but a fashion destination. I want people to come in for a reason, instead of hoping someone will pop in. They’re going to be coming in for a specific reason now that we’re away from everything.”

Jade’s new and improved fashion destination at 69 Glebe Road, Silkstone or online at www.jbdfashion.com.