Keep calm and declutter with Bonnie Black


Swap clutter and mess for calming, organised rooms when Little Miss Organised, Bonnie Black, takes charge.

“I love to be organised, so much so that when I was a child one of my nicknames was ‘Little Miss Organised’ (along with ‘Bossy Boots’, but I’m still trying to forget that one!)”, Bonnie said.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “tidy space, tidy mind.”

Bonnie’s advice on space is, “Look around you now. Go on, take a look. How does the space make you feel? Is it neat and orderly, with every item in its home? Or are there constant reminders of tasks to do; things to be put away? If your home doesn’t make you feel the way you want to, perhaps it’s time for a change?”

I always felt invigorated after organising; so motivated! I felt like I could achieve anything and I wanted others to feel the same way. That’s why I started Little Miss Organised. I want people to find freedom to live the life they’ve always dreamed of. Stuff shouldn’t hold us back.

What do we do with all this stuff when we leave this world? We can’t take it with us; though some have tried. If we don’t downsize before the inevitable happens, our families are left with the painful task of wrapping up our estates while dealing with their loss.

Not exactly the parting gift I have in mind for my children.

Little Miss Organised helps individuals and families declutter, downsize and organise their homes and lives. We help seniors downsize or prepare for their final move into aged care.

We’re like the best friend, older sister and counsellor all rolled into one.

I love organising. I could write about it all day long. I hope you’ll come along with me for the ride as we delve into the exciting world of decluttering, downsizing and simplifying your life. I hope this article inspires you to learn to live with less.