Leanne Wheeler loves her garden makeover


It’s been four months since Leanne Wheeler won our Operation Fix It Grand Prize competition in Lifestyle Queensland, and the results are stunning.What a started out as a garden that had lost its way is now a beautiful space complete with a deck overlooking a small creek bed, bordered by flowers and river rocks. The grass is lush and neat and the original trees in the yard now flourish.

This amazing transformation is all thanks to a line-up of talented Ipswich businesses, with landscaping headed by Peter Weier and his team at Peter Weier Landscape and Sprinklers.
Peter had the heavy job of clearing a large amount of debris, overgrown plant life and wilting grass in order to make room for the garden renovation.

This wasn’t really a challenge for Weier and his team, who have been working for more than twenty years in Ipswich. They specialise in working on smaller jobs like backyards in need and are well equipped to provide every landscaping and gardening service.
The plants, which sit along the creek bed were provided by the North Tivoli Nursery while the rocks that complement this set up were offered by the Ipswich Tile Shed. The multi-purpose deck, which provides a lookout over the whole affair was made with timber from the Lobb Street Saw Mill.

It is thanks to the generosity of these businesses and the combined vision of Leanne and Peter that the garden came together.
Leanne says she is very happy with her new yard and, although she has added a few personal touches here and there, intends to keep it very much as she was gifted it.
“A fresh, new backyard garden makeover has inspired me to revamp the rest of my yard. I now have a quiet, peaceful garden and deck where I can sit and watch the dragonflies and bird life. I can’t wait for spring when the plants are established and break out in bloom.�

These Ipswich businesses were sponsors for Operation Fix it:
Peter Weier Landscape & Sprinklers, North Tivoli Nursery,
Lobb Street Saw Mill, Butts on Seats, Ireland Blinds and Beacon Lighting.