[CLOSED]Lola Berry’s guide to the Yoga body


Beginner and advanced ‘yogeroonis’ will want Lola Berry’s latest book – The Yoga Body – and while it may be her cleanest book yet there’s still incredible treats to enjoy, like Lola’s favourite Paleo Chamomile and Lemon Loaf.

With more than ten books to her name, Lola Berry is one of Australia’s most trusted nutritionists, favourite influencers, and a passionate campaigner for bringing nutritious, healthy recipes into the everyday Australian’s diet. Lola’s recipes and approach to living a balanced life are anything but boring; you won’t be living off of tuna and carrot sticks, under the guidance of The Yoga Body.

“The theory is if you want to have that yoga body and you want to have yogi abs, it isn’t just about going to classes.. it’s also having a very clean lifestyle and diet and so this probably, out of all the books I’ve written, would be the cleanest book of mine,” Lola said.

As you flip through the recipes, yoga poses and teachings, one thing of note is Lola’s loving nature. Rather than a basic recipe guide, this is more of a health and wellness bible – a beginning to the reader’s self love journey.

“You’ve got to love who you are, value yourself, you’ve got to figure out why you’re doing it..,” Lola said.

“I think a lot of people think, I’ve got to have a good body for bikinis or for a boy, and it’s like no! You’ve got to do it because you love who you are and that’s where the yoga mindset comes into play because it’s actually about being the best version of you and loving who you are and living in a very kind way.

“The yoga way is less ego and living more from the heart space.”

Lola has been practising yoga for more than 10 years, and has been teaching for approximately five years. After extensive research and honing her own craft, she decided it was the perfect time to share her passion for yoga and the yoga mindset.

“You want to learn as much as you can and do all the the teacher training and research so you can feel confident talking about something you’re passionate about,” she said.

Her passion is so evident in her writing, the way she talks about yoga (affectionately named yoges by her) and if you follow her on any form of social media, you know that she makes the time for yoga and self care whether she’s at home in Melbourne, attending events at Fashion Week in Sydney or holidaying in Bali. Why? Lola says for her, it’s simple: “I say to people when I practise yoga, it’s the gift I give myself and when I teach it, it’s the gift I share with others.”

After reading The Yoga Body for a few days, I learnt some recipes that truly boosted my mood after eating them, picked up a few basic yoga moves and delved deeper into the world of self-love and yoga mindset. She says that she wants this to be the case for everyone.

“I want anyone to be able to pick it (the book) up and ‘go oh yeah, I’ve got this’. I don’t want anyone to think ‘oh, I can’t touch the ground or do a handstand, I won’t be able to do it. Everyone can get something out of this book.”

The Yoga Body is available in stores now.­

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