Makeup looks that are hot stuff


Draw inspiration for your makeup looks from the changing weather and landscape – think burgundy hues, smokey eyes and moody vibes to reflect the cooler temperatures!

As we say goodbye to summer and all things related (think sun tans and freckles) it’s time to change up your beauty looks! We’ve noticed these looks on the A/W 2017 Runways – the good news being, you don’t need to be a model or a makeup artist to pull these off. Yay!


It’s getting colder and we’re all swapping those bright summer colours for the darker, subdued hues of Autumn and Winter.

Try a classic sooty smoky eye or if you’re still wanting to introduce some colour, wash a burgundy hued eyeshadow over the lid and under the lash line.


Command attention by applying a deep red lipstick. Since the cooler weather tends to dry out and crack our lips, ensure they’re exfoliated and hydrated before applying lipstick to avoid a flaky catastrophe.

Since the lips are the main star in this makeup look, there’s no need to go heavy on the eye makeup. This look is perfect for those in a rush or for those less experienced in the eyeshadow department.


The ‘barely there’ trend is one that’s been popular on the runway this fashion season. Achieve this look by keeping your skin dewy with a light coverage foundation like a BB cream, and opt for a light pink blush over heavy contouring and bronzing. This look is perfect for any occasion – whether it be work, play or anything in between!