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Angel has Fallen

Following a string of box-office bombs courtesy of starring in the worst films imaginable the last few years, Gerard Butler aims to prove he hasn’t lost his edge when it comes to the charismatic leading man; returning as Special Agent Mike Banning for a third outing in Angel Has Fallen
It’s the final instalment in the unexpected ‘Fallen’ trilogy preceded by 2013’s Olympus Has Fallen and 2016’s London Has Fallen.
Having saved the President’s life twice before, five years on Banning is still with the secret service but deals with the consequences of a broken body and constant insomnia thanks to his involvement in twice thwarting terrorism upon the United States.
With President Asher since retired from office, former Speaker of the House, later Vice President Allan Trumbull (Morgan Freeman) is the new commander in chief, with Mike as his most trusted confidant.
When an assassination attempt on Trumbull frames Banning as suspect number one, the most trusted man in the room becomes the most wanted man on the run, as a race against the clock to clear his name and prove those really responsible sets about an entertaining action thriller that knows exactly what type of movie it is.
A throwback to the ‘so bad it’s good’ action films of the 80’s and 90’s and featuring the terrific Nick Nolte hamming it up as Banning’s estranged father in most of the best scenes, this one also stars Jada Pinkett Smith, Danny Huston and Piper Perabo(seemlessly replacing Radha Mitchell as Banning’s wife), continuing the trend of quality actors filling the supporting roles.
Admittedly predictable but with impressive stunt-work (in particular an 18-wheeler chase through the woods) and a committed Butler performance that’ll remind you he was King Leonidas after all, Angel Has Fallen might not be better than the first in this film’s series but it’s certainly mountains above the second.
A helluva lot better than it had any right to be, it’s no John Wick, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a decent watch.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
An aging television star and his loyal stunt double turned best friend navigate the changing film industry in the last days of Hollywood’s golden age.
The year is 1969 and just like genius filmmaker Quentin Tarantino would have it, when you step into the theatre to see his latest and greatest film Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, you’re stepping into a fully realised, authentic slice of time that is Los Angeles, 1969.
Enter Rick Daltonand Cliff Booth, brought to life by the exceptional combination of Hollywood heavyweights Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt.
Having both appeared in previous QT hits the film that unites them along with the brilliant Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate is in every sense of the word a modern masterpiece.
From the era accurate cinematography, highly detailed soundtrack, excellent dialogue and exceptional performances, this is for certain – Quentin Tarantino is back baby!
At the height of hippie Hollywood, once popular now fading television star Rick Dalton & effortlessly cool stuntman Cliff Booth are struggling to make it big in a Hollywood they don’t recognise anymore.
On the way out just as dawn is breaking on a new area of filmmaking, Rick discovers he has a very famous next-door neighbour in the beautiful Sharon Tate.
A slice of life of three individuals with interconnecting story-lines merge as one, as the signature Tarantino tension intensifies and the notorious Manson family are sniffing around LA with sinister motives.
A long time between drinks for Tarantino, the legendary director with an acute attention to detail and genuine love for all things movies is back with his most mature film yet.
A slow burn filled with nuance and mystery, several big name actors in supporting roles and an engaging tone that entices repeat viewings, this might not be a film for everyone, but for lovers of films, stories, the 1960’s and any Tarantino fan, you will absolutely love this. Leo and Brad should win Oscars.