New CEO at Hospital Foundation

Phillip Bell is the newly appointed CEO of the Ipswich Hospital Foundation

Ipswich Hospital Foundation has welcomed Phillip Bell as its new Chief Executive Operator.

The appointment of Mr Bell was the first ever leadership change for the organisation, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary in September.

With an impressive portfolio of careers in law enforcement, financial regulation, education and transport, this will be the first time Mr Bell has worked in the health sector.

He said the role appealed to him because of the community engagement opportunities, which is also strengthened by his position as President of the Ipswich Chamber of Commerce.

“Overall, it is an opportunity to connect with the Ipswich community and that really excites me,” Mr Bell said.

“To work in the health sector, particularly around community health is something new to me. However, it works in well with my role as the President of the Chamber of Commerce.

The Ipswich business community is strong and there’s a lot going on in Ipswich business, so the two roles are a terrific combination for me.”

Within less than a month as CEO, Mr Bell has already considered making changes and renewals to existing programs, while also fostering the partnerships made by former IHF CEO Tom Yates.

“My focus at the moment is to understand the life cycle of our programs, and I can see some significant potential for change and renewal.

“The challenge for me and the Foundation is to keep things fresh and to give Ipswich residents new opportunities to focus on their own health and wellbeing.

“Tom certainly left the Foundation in a really good position, and really the challenge for me is taking the strong partnerships Tom has formed already and adding further value to them and throughout the community.

“This is a community where no organisation or individual can do anything just by themselves, so my very strong intent is to work closely with West Moreton Hospital and Health Service and other organisations within the community to partner with.”

Following Tom Yates is set to be a challenge but Mr Bell hopes to bring a fresh approach and new goals to the foundation.

“I have very big shoes to fill, as Tom is well loved and well respected throughout the Ipswich community, particularly the health community,” Mr Bell said.

“However, I’m confident I can bring value in other ways.

“For me and for the foundation, I would love to see us on a path to measurable growth.

“Our mission as a Foundation is to make Ipswich the healthiest community in Australia and I think that’s achievable.”

For the short-term, Mr Bell said he is interested in learning who’s aware of community health and how IHF can educate those who aren’t.

“I’m really interested to see who is already linking in with us and who’s aware of community health.

“There are some elements of the community we find hard to reach from a community health point of view, but it’ll be interesting to track, monitor, watch and connect with those who haven’t already made their own personal health a key focus.”