Nordacious celebrates “You’re terrible Muriel”

‘Nordacious’ with cast members Jeanie Drynan and Gabby Millgate

It’s been 22 years since Muriel’s Wedding first graced our movie screens, and when we first fell in love with iconic Australian actress Toni Collette. It’s where the catch phrase ‘You’re terrible Muriel’ came from, now firmly in the Australian lexicon.

Brisbane artist ‘Nordacious’ brought back the nostalgia for us 80’s and 90’s kids with his debut exhibition ‘Time of your life’ at Bakery Lane in Fortitude Valley in July.

The exhibition celebrated all things ‘Muriel’s wedding’ (his favourite movie) with a collection of drawings depicting the characters along with their hilarious quotes.

The drawings are done with fine liner ink pointillism – a technique in which distinct dots are applied to form an image – each portrait memorialises in intricate detail a pivotal scene from the film, framed with digitally-generated kitsch motifs and stylised typography, each image took up to 100 hours to create.

The skill and time put into each drawing is what makes them so special, you can just see the effort and passion poured into each one.

Cast members Gennie Nevinson (Deidre Chambers) and Gabby Millgate (Joanie Heslop) attended the exhibition to show their support.They were each thrilled with the portraits of their own characters and happily chatted with Nordacious throughout the night and posing for photographs.

Gabby joked ‘As soon as I saw him and his work on facebook I knew I wanted to go to the exhibition, I think it’s very important to support young, cute artists!”