Not goodbye, “see you later” for Schudio Studio

Kim Schubel and Cassie Doherty at their Schudio Studio shop that will close in Ipswich soon

Schudio Studio owners Kim Schubel and Cassie Doherty closed their Ipswich CBD shop earlier this month but the crafty duo said the decision was made to develop their own personal brand as opposed to wholesaling other brands in a shopfront.

“Now is the right time for our brand, we really wanted to more focus online and wholesaling our own products out to other stores and taking that sort of path,” Ms Doherty said.

“I think if we have a really good website to go to and develop that side of our business and spend more time putting our own things on there and upscaling what we’re already doing, that will be more beneficial for us,” added Ms Schubel.

Having the opportunity to collaborate with household names like Pottery Barn and David Jones in the past couple of months has allowed the designers to elevate and expand their personal brand even higher than expected.

However, they’re not quick to forget their humble beginnings and the support of the Ipswich community.

“The response from Ipswich has been amazing since we opened our doors in the mall in 2016 and that’s fantastic, we’re going to miss our regulars but we know they’re thrilled for the next step in our journey,” Ms Doherty said.

“Our customers are going to miss us, but they’ve told us they’re really excited to see where our brand is going,” Ms Schubel said.

So what’s next for the girls you ask? Aside from “world domination”, the duo are ready to expand from homewares to key pieces of fashion that don’t date.

“We’re looking to get into really great investment pieces, creating really beautiful textiles that people have to have while Cass sews them into amazing fashion,” Ms Schubel said.

“Things that you can dress up and dress down that flatter all figures but are still in our really bright and iconic style.”

Between the 1st-10th of June, everything in Schudio will be up to 50 per cent off so nab yourself a bargain and say “see you later” to Cassie and Kim at 112 Brisbane Street, Ipswich.