Psychics, talking with spirits on stage

Psychic mediums Michelle and Ezio De Angelis

Imagine a day job talking with spirits, answering questions about the future and performing on stage – all at the same time? For Ezio and Michelle De Angelis, this is the norm – but it wasn’t always like that.

The psychic duo can’t really pinpoint a time in their life when they knew they had an ability to connect with spirits, but both began harnessing their skills in their thirties.

“It’s something everyone has to some degree, but developing it didn’t come until a little later in our thirties when we both started to really notice our skills in this area,” Michelle said.

“It’s with you from your childhood but you don’t give it any sort of real thought until you start doing some work with it, and that happened a little later in life for us,” Ezio added.

From working in corporate and scientific fields to connecting everyday Australians with lost loved ones, the couple gained some notoriety, earning titles like “Australian Psychic of the Year” and writing weekly columns for ‘That’s Life’.

The couple remains tight lipped on their famous clients, but revealed they’ve had the spirits of renown Australian footballers, opera tenor Luciano Pavarotti and even the infamous Chopper Reid come through during readings.

“Chopper Reid came through to me in a public performance,” Michelle said. “I was just about to finish a section of the show and I said: “wait, I’m coming over here – there’s a connection to Chopper Reid, who’s got the connection?” Then this guy put up his hand and said “me, I’m wearing his ring”. He was friends with Chopper Reid and that was the connection, it was really interesting to have him come through.”

Despite accreditation and acclaim, the pair still face criticism – even at their shows. It’s something they laugh about, and don’t feel it’s their mission to change anyone’s mind.

“We do what we do and hopefully our work speaks for itself… it’s not our job to convince anybody, our job is to be the best messengers we can be,” Ezio said. “If we do that well then we can convince enough people!”

Michelle added that sceptics often get pulled out of the crowd during their shows.
“I had one guy in an audience who was just sitting there with his arms folded, he was being very short with me and I said: ‘look, I know you’re a sceptic but are you still having that issue with playing the poker machine?’ He went white, I think his wife punched him, and everyone started laughing.

“We get sceptics at our shows, and we get emails or people coming up to us after the show saying ‘wow, I walked in here thinking this was a load of **** but now I’m a believer.’”

Returning to Ipswich by popular demand, the husband and wife psychic team will do a medium session for around an hour and a half before Michelle moves into answering questions with tarot. Ezio and Michelle said audiences can expect laughs, tears and connecting with some interesting stories in the room.

“Regardless of whether you get a reading or not, and we get through quite a few in the show, people will be connecting to the life stories of people just like us, their hopes, their dreams and desires, their illnesses…

“People think our shows are morbid, but they’re anything but – they’re very lively, very entertaining and there’s laughter, there’s some tears, there’s a bit of everything,” Ezio said.

Ezio and Michelle will perform at the Ipswich Civic Centre on June 11 in the Cunningham Room. Tickets at