Public funds Michael Boggan’s recovery

Mayor Paul Pisasale hands over the cheque to Michael and Michelle Boggan

The boy who had his fingers blown off when he handled a home-made bomb that exploded has been given more than $84,000, the balance of funds received from an appeal run by the Mayor’s Community Fund. Most of the money will go towards having a prosthetic hand made.

Michael was given the ‘golf ball’ bomb by teenagers who found it in a gutter, but he didn’t realise the ball contained explosive material.

Mayor Paul Pisasale said the response to the appeal was overwhelming. “The money has been held in trust over the past three years until Michael reached 18 years of age,” the Mayor said.

The appeal held in 2013 raised more than $90,000. Since then, a further $10,000 in donations has been provided from the appeal to support Michael’s rehabilitation and medical treatment.

His mother Rebecca Boggan says that she has been overwhelmed by peoples’ generosity.
“I was in tears that people were so caring about Michael, and we now have so many friends everywhere wishing him well,” Mrs Boggan said.

Michael, now 18 years old and autistic, still has a long road ahead in his recovery but he is thankful for the generosity that people have shown towards him.

In 2015, Glenn Charles Dell, who made the bomb, was found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm and sentenced to four years in jail. A second man, Mark Anthony Tear pleaded guilty to other explosives-related charges.