Advertising Rate Card

Advertising rates and specifications

LifeStyle Queensland magazine offers competitive, cost effective rates, with substantial discounts for contract advertising. Please contact our Business Development Manager, Linda Hann on 07 3812 2456 or [email protected] for more information.

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Advert Dimensions

Advert Sizes
(per insertion)
*Prices +GST
Cover Package
Double Page
Half-Page Horiz
Half-Page Vert
One-Third Horiz
Qtr-page Vert
Qtr-page Strip
Sixth-page Horiz.
Eighth-page (H)
Eighth-page (V)
Twelfth Page (H)
Twelfth-Page (V)
*Discounts apply to multiple placements
** All prices are exclusive of GST
Cover + 1 Page
Bleed optional
Bleed optional

As part of our guarantee of the best quality in our publications, all incoming digital material is scrutinised for possible problems in reproduction. If problems are identified in your material you will be advised of what we have found. Often, with your permission, we can correct the problem or you may wish to replace the material. We are here to assist you maximise the quality of the reproduction of your material. However, Strike Publications does not take responsibility for the repair, quality or integrity of any digitally supplied advertising.

Design Service

We offer a complete advert design service. Small changes or other minimal artwork is not charged. Charges for all design services will be made separately. Correction proofs, if required, are supplied for advertisements received by deadline.
Should extensive work or author changes* be required, additional charges will be incurred at an hourly rate of $90.
*Author changes are where an advertiser supplies copy or has agreed to copy and, on sighting the proof, makes extensive changes to the previously agreed/supplied copy.

Design Charges: 2-Page
* All prices exclusive of GST.

Supply of Digital Material

Suppliers of digital advertising material are responsible for checking all files before sending to Strike Publications. Any work undertaken by Strike Publications to process non-compliant material will incur a charge. Due to the highly specialised and complex technical nature of image/plate setters, and to ensure the best quality reproduction of your material, Strike Publications has the following guidelines.
Any digital file that does not comply with these guidelines cannot be accepted.

Transmission Medium: USB, CD or DVD
FTP Upload
Software: Adobe PDF (preferred)
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Mac Format
We don’t accept: Film
Microsoft Publisher
Corel Draw

Only postscript fonts will be accepted. All fonts must be embedded or supplied (both printer and screen). Do not artificially stylise fonts (eg: bold, italics) as simulation results in unsatisfactory output.

All files must be CMYK or greyscale. No embedded colour profiles are to be used. LAB or RGB colour modes cannot be used. Accurate colour reproduction cannot be expected unless material complies with our guidelines and is accompanied by an accurate digital proof.

Authenticity to original material cannot be expected without supply of a proof. Colour accuracy cannot be expected unless an accurate press quality proof is supplied.

Images must have a resolution of 300 dpi @ 100%, line art bitmap tiff files 1200 dpi. File types should be tiff or composite EPS. GIF, DCS, PICT files cause loss of quality or print errors and will not be accepted. JPEG files will only be accepted after being checked for quality, and should be converted into tiff format. Note that embedded JPEGs can cause print errors and should not be used.

Minimum 3 mm bleed is required for full-page advertisements only, and always allow enough space for trim. All smaller-sized ads should be made to the mechanical specifications given.
Advertisements must comply with the correct size booked.

We recommend that PDFs be created by postscripting with a Postscript print driver and by distilling in Acrobat.

Conditions of Advertising

Rates quoted are for monthly accounts and strictly net. Approved advertising agencies are offered 10% rebate for settlement within 45 days. All contract rates must be used within 12 months. All advertising rates expressed, quoted or implied are subject to 10% Goods and Services Tax. The publisher reserves the right to postpone the publication of any advertisement if necessary, such postponement not being regarded as violation of contract.
No cancellation will be accepted after cancellation deadline. The publisher reserves the right to run previously used material if material is not received by deadline date. The publisher reserves the right to decline or cancel any advertisement. The publisher reserves the right to introduce a rate increase at any time, however at no time will such rate increase affect the next issue to go to press. Advertisers have the right to cancel, without forfeit, any contract subject to a rate increase, except those caused by government charges. Responsibility for ensuring that every advertisement used complies with the provisions of the Trade Practices Act 1974 and amendments thereto is to be accepted by advertising agencies or advertisers. Material is held at advertiser’s risk and should be insured by the advertiser. The publisher accepts no responsibility for any artwork or material supplied that has to be cut or altered to conform to mechanical requirements. The publisher or his agents accept no responsibility for damage, loss, data destruction, variation, viral or any other contamination to any supplied magnetic media. The publisher shall not be liable for any losses caused by the failure of an advertisement or part of an advertisement to appear on any specific date or at all.