Rosewood community library on track to open early 2020


A new library in Rosewood will have strong connections to its community when it opens early next year.

The library will have its own customer service centre where residents can pay bills, submit paperwork, lodge complaints and engage with council officers.
There will also be bookable meeting rooms, interactive learning experiences, and modern library facilities in the two-storey building.
The ground floor will include a large open plan general reading area with children’s space, customer service area, maker space and market place area.
Upstairs, there will be a meeting room, study rooms, balcony and function area, booths, general reading and collection areas.
Ipswich City Council chief executive officer David Farmer said Rosewood was a fast growing area, with residential development approvals steadily on the rise.
This development had come after significant community consultation and had been 20 years in the making.
“This is a significant investment in the Rosewood area and we thank the State Government for its contribution,” Mr Farmer said.
“The artists’ impressions of the library show that the building will be something to be extremely proud of, and a hub for community engagement.
“We wanted to make sure that the design will fit in with the current character and streetscape of John St, and I think the design team has achieved that mission with aplomb.
“Libraries remain a highly relevant component of the community landscape, and are a centre for learning among both young and old.”
The Minister for Local Government, Stirling Hinchcliffe said the library would be an important new facility for the people of Rosewood.
“The Ipswich council has spent considerable time and effort to come up with a building that fits in with the street scape and character on John Street,” he said.
“In particular, I think the full-length awning and heritage style façade will blend in well and complement the street scape.
“The 2017-19 Local Government Grants and Subsidies Program (LGGSP) budget totals $60 million over two financial years. LGGSP is designed to support councils to meet the needs of their community by providing funding for the delivery of priority capital infrastructure projects.”
Above: Minister for Local Government Stirling Hinchcliffe with characters from children’s books at the site of the library.
Below: Artist view of the library interior.