Roulettes impress with PC-21


Fans at the recent Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix turned their eyes to the sky as the Roulettes performed their first full-formation display in the new PC-21 aircraft.

Lead Roulette Squadron Leader Jay Tuffley said the hard work paid off for his team, with the six-ship, 15-minute display the highlight if the pre-race entertainment.

“We’ve been working for months to produce a great show in the new aircraft. I’m proud of my team’s achievement,” Squadron Leader Tuffley said.

“The PC-21 aircraft and its training systems will modernise Air Force aviation training and strengthen Australian Defence Force pilot training capability for years to come.”
The Roulettes have converted to the PC-21 from the PC-9/A aircraft, and have commenced their first public flying season in the new aircraft. Air Force took delivery of 49 PC-21s, for initial pilot training.