Sarah Wilson’s state of ‘Simplicious Flow’


Sarah Wilson was living a life with no balance or flow, even though she was ticking off some serious goals in her 20s, but being struck down with thyroid disease in 2008 forced her to take a look at her life from top to toe, and one of the major areas that needed to be improved was her food intake.

Sarah’s resumé includes some impressive feats, like becoming the youngest opinion columnist at News Corp at the age of 24, appointed editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine at 29 and then going on to host the first ever season of Australian MasterChef. But contracting a thyroid disease changed all that, and it also changed her lifestyle.
An early adopter of technologies Sarah developed an engaged online community ahead of the curve. She soon realised a gap in the market for a solution to the sugar problem, so she created the world’s first consumer quit program – initially as an e-book, then as an online product.

Fast forward to 2018, and Sarah is still ticking off major goals, but doing it at her own pace and on her own terms.

With 9 books under her “I Quit Sugar” brand, and one beautiful book about her struggle with anxiety, Sarah has become an authoritative voice in the health community.

Even though she is a journalist by trade, she has meticulously studied and consulted with some of the world’s best international biology and endocrinal experts to develop the most effective techniques for breaking fructose addiction.

Some of the nascent science she idenified have since informed the WHO’s nutritional guidelines, and Sarah is regarded as an international pioneer in the realm.
‘Simplicious Flow’ is a little different to her other cookbooks. Why? A passionate environmental geek, Sarah noticed that people were caring about the food they were ingesting, but not the food they were wasting.

“There’s a vital memo we seem to have missed: giving a sh** about food means we need to give a sh** about how much we’re wasting of said food,” Sarah said.

“If wasted food was a country, it would be the third largest producer of CO2 in the world, after the US and China, and who are the #1 contributors to this? Us, the consumer.”

If that statistic freaks you out, don’t worry – Sarah sees it as great news, because we as consumers have the power to tackle the war on waste. The thing readers will love about this cookbook is that you don’t have to race out and buy fandangled ingredients that you’ll only use once, then have sit in your pantry or fridge for weeks or months before it inevitably ends up in the bin.

Sarah said she (and others) are so tired of cookbooks that have isolated and complicated recipes. “The normal cookbook way invariably leaves us with ingredient carnage – half a red capsicum or a lemongrass stalk sagging forlornly at the back of the fridge, or random packets of chia seeds and matcha powder that will feed an army of weevils for the next 12 months – all of which we will then chuck,” she said. “On to the next recipe, and on it goes. Which makes us sad, and stuck. So terribly stuck.”

Simplicious Flow will not only have you giving a stuff about the environment, food wastage and more, but will also inspire you to get more creative with your left overs, will have you saving a lot of money and will have you considering a more minimalist lifestyle. It will have you in a state of flow.

“And what is flow? Flow is a progressive movement forward that’s in harmony with the world around us… it’s starting where we are, then gliding with surety and grace, the elan we all seek in our cluttered, fidgety, stop-start world.. it’s a freedom that we all seek in a life of too many restrictions and conveyor-belt rides.”
Sounds good to us!


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