Sing a song and have a dance!



Before Wickety Wak, there was nobody in the Australian entertainment biz that could make people of any age laugh quite like the Wak boys could, but now the Outtawak gang are carrying on the tradition.

“We were entertaining everyone from nine years to 90 years,” said former Wickety Wak lead singer, Tony Jeffrey.
Not expecting nearly half the fame that came in the years to come, Jeffrey believes that a similar attitude, humour and talent is what captivated audiences state and nationwide.
“We were just young guys, all of the same sort of attitude.. we wanted to have fun and entertain,” he said. “It just became bigger and bigger. It wasn’t without planning of course, but we were just getting out there and having a tonne of fun.”
At the time, there wasn’t too many bands in Australia doing what they did best – parodies of popular music, sung and performed with incredible talent.
Soaring to fame after their regular appearances on Jacki MacDonald’s morning show, the band produced hits that made the Top 10 in the charts, numerous albums and singles, continuous television appearances and most notably, earned international fame when being appoiined ambassadors for Expo 88.
However in 1990, the band retired to go on and pursue their own individual careers.
“I think we pulled the pin too early to be honest with you,” Tony joked. So did their fans too.
With demand growing to reform, the band got together in 2016 minus Pahnie Jantzen, who passed away in 2013. “We missed one another and we needed to do it [perform together] again because there was demand for it,” he said.
“I think Greg instigated it.. to do another tour.. so we did.”
With the passing of Greg Doolan and the retirement of Peter Mackay, Tony and other original band member Rob Rosenlund wanted to continue the legacy.
“We’ve lost a few great comrades.. Peter’s enjoying his retirement.. so we couldn’t re-pretend we were Wickety Wak,” he said.
“We knew Davo and he’s a fabulous entertainer so we asked him to join the lineup and he fit perfectly.”
Almost half a century since Wickety Wak’s conception, Outtawak are still providing audiences with the same fun they always have – “lots of fun, lots of laughs.. a diversion with a bit of humour and good songs.”
Returning to Ipswich and performing at the Civic Centre, Tony said the band has fond memories of the place.
“Ipswich to us is like a home away from home, we actually performed at the PA Hotel in 1976,” he said.
“We’ve always been warmly received from Ipswich, ever since we first started.”
If you miss them this time round, don’t worry – they have no intention of retiring or slowing down.
“We’re having a great deal of fun, we’re great mates, it’s good company and [Rob and Davo] are easy to perform with,” Tony said.
“We’re not divas or pop stars and we’re having a ball.”
Wickety Wak return to Ipswich on Thursday, February 7 at Ipswich Civic Centre. Tickets are $15 and include complimentary tea and coffee. For tickets, visit
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