St Edmund’s College – Open Day May 26

Principal of the College Mr Diarmuid O’Riordan discusses matters with students


Visitors to the St Edmund’s College Open Day on May 26 will notice work has begun on the historic Edmund Rice Building under a $3.2 million project, and they will experience what this progressive college offers its students in terms of academic opportunities, sporting and cultural pursuits and new strategic directions.

Principal of the College Mr Diarmuid O’Riordan said, “We are absolutely delighted that work has commenced on this historic project, with Hutchinson Builders’ construction workers arriving at the College to begin work on the much anticipated refurbishment and extension of the historic Edmund Rice Building.”

The $3.2m building project is the first stage of a building program that heralds a new era of facilities improvement for the St Edmund’s College community, which will include, as part of the College’s Master Plan, the construction of an Innovative Learning Centre to adjoin the existing Library, a new College Hall which will include a two-court gymnasium to replace the existing College Hall and major improvements to the Creative Arts Centre.

It has been a long and patient wait for the St Edmund’s College Community. Eleven years ago the St Edmund’s College Foundation was created with this project as one of its main goals.

“For the project to be awarded to Hutchinson Builders, a local builder, is also a wonderful gift to the Ipswich community,” Mr O’Riordan said.

Hutchinson Builders Team Leader of the Edmund Rice Building Project Jamie Washington said, ‘This is a very special project for us as it’s not only the new central administration building for the College but it is also an iconic and historic Ipswich landmark. We are very proud to be the successful tender for this project.”

With an eye on the future, in 2018 the College launched its new Strategic Directions and Priorities with a focus on Identity, Improvement and Community. The College is poised to welcome the new changes to the senior curriculum in 2019 to ensure that it maintains its high academic standards for young men seeking a university offer. Eddie’s is also known for its successful vocational pathways for those keen to secure employment in a trade or traineeship. Academic care for all boys is underscored by a commitment to deliver improved literacy and numeracy outcomes in the Middle Years. For the discerning family seeking a Catholic education for their son Eddie offers a compelling story.

The College’s diverse sporting and extra-curricular program and eight tier House System ensures that all young men have an opportunity to accomplish and feel they belong.

In 2019, the College will re-introduce Rugby League as a Term 3 option for sport. AFL is also being considered as either a Term 1 or Term 4 sporting option.

“Whether it be Rugby Union, Chess, Debating, Football, Playing in a Band, performing in the College Musical or participating in Service Learning activities these and the many other opportunities give our Eddie’s young men experiences that will stay with them for life,” said Mr O’Riordan.

“Boys thrive on being involved and contributing to a greater cause. At Eddie’s we believe that every one of our young men can achieve and accomplish great things.”