Star Style – Alexa Chung


Alexa Chung – what can’t she do? British fashion model, television presenter, contributing editor to British Vogue, style queen and the master of the flicked eyeliner, she’s more than deserving of our celebrity Star Style of the month.

As if these things aren’t enough to keep one busy, Chung also has her own fashion app, dabbles in DJing, makes documentaries and is now set to release her own fashion label , ‘Alexachung’ in May this year.

Often described as retro chic, her style is one that has had faithful followers captivated for almost a decade now. However, the 33 year old remains humble about her style icon status, telling ELLE Australia, “I feel honoured to be given that term because clothes are something I love, and style is something I think about and enjoy. But equally, I’m not so deluded to think I’m one of a kind and it couldn’t have been someone else if their stars had aligned.”

A fashion lesson from Chung herself? Treat outfits like decorating a cake – use bags and shoes to update existing outfits!