Star Style – Dua Lipa


Making waves on the music scene is 22 year old British pop sensation Dua Lipa, taking over our radios, social media accounts and red carpets for all the right reasons.

While she may be young, Lipa is no newcomer to the world of music, beginning her career at the ripe young age of 16, by covering songs on YouTube.

She’s hard to miss with her striking Albanian features, her bold choice in clothing and her #girlboss attitude.

You’ll often see Lipa sporting a crop top that brandishes her well toned stomach, a choker, and something with a split that bares her toned legs.

She’s not afraid to venture into the weird and unknown either, experimenting with bright colours, see-through numbers, crazy patterns, or mismatched items like tracksuit pants paired with a bra.

Expect her punkish British street style to make waves in the Australian fashion market.