Star Style: Laura Brown


Laura Brown is the fashion editor of inStyle Magazine in the US and was this year named the Australian Fashion Laureate, the highest honour in Australian fashion.

With bomb credentials like working in Details, W and Harper’s Bazaar- she’s a lady to celebrate and take a tip from. Her approach is marked by creativity, a down-to-earth personality, a feminist lens and inclusivity.

It’s refreshing to hear one of the most influential women in fashion admit that ultimately, she goes with her gut when it comes to developing style and what is authentically you, is the best thing to wear.

The few loose rules she attends to, lets her move freely through influences and inspirations and is ultimately why she continues to reside at the head of the game.
Brown has said in the past that she best channels her style through the combination of high and low style.

On any good day she’ll choose jeans and T-shirt but her time in New York has taught her that a pair of heels and blazer can take you anywhere. In fact, the only real piece of solid fashion advice Brown seems to put out is invest in several pairs of shoes and you can get away with anything.

Brown has an acutely artistic eye and a talent for setting the scene. Small touches like scarfs, belts and shoes draw the focus and compliment sweetly.

In her clothes she brings together refined touches- intense flashes of colour, beautifully colliding lines and high art prints to combine into humble stunners.