Star Style – Lorde


The young New Zealand songstress is not only known for her incredible talent on stage, but her fierce style both on and off the red carpet!

Emerging into the spotlight at the ripe age of sixteen, Ella Yelich-O’Connor (bettter known as Lorde) has always been a trend setter, from her black lipstick phase to embracing her pale skin and naturally unruly and curly hair.

Nowadays, Lorde has graduated to a more ‘mature’ look that sees her incorporating a little more colour into her usually dark wardrobe. Even with her more risque outfits, Lorde maintains a level of class that’s mature beyond her years and yet, still has the youthful playfulness of a 20 year old woman. With the release of her second album, Melodrama earlier this year, you’re bound to see Lorde slaying a few more award ceremonies and red carpets in the near future.