Suzie G headlines Ipswich Fashion Festival

Suzie G, aka Susan Gregory

Travelling the world in style, Susan Gregory, or Suzie G as she is known to her fans, is an incredibly talented musician, dubbed as ‘Australia’s string diva’, so it’s no surprise that she is the headline performer at this year’s Ipswich Fashion Festival.

Suzie is also a lover of fashion and flair, which is what makes her solo shows so successful and so much fun. Her shows usually consist of her great string pop and rock modern performances with her band playing with her. She’s also a born entertainer and loves to get involved with the crowd, interacting with them throughout the show and getting people on stage.

Suzie’s energy and talent is captivating which is probably why she’s had such a huge and long career doing what she loves.

A natural musician, Suzie can pick up just about any instrument and play it beautifully but it was the violin that stole her heart and she took playing it to a whole new level. Suzie studied music through a scholarship in Hong Kong and has travelled around the world, on cruise ships and with her string trio ‘MASKE’.

Fans may remember the sexy trio after they made it to the grand final of ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ in 2009 with their bold, rock based string performance.

Throughout her career Suzie has performed with some of the greats, some of whom include Divo, Human Nature and Rod Stewart, but she says that her favourite person to perform with is her brother Shenzo Gregorio. He is a professional musician who specialises in jazz and world music, and he plays about 10 instruments.

The 44 year old is now Mum to nine-month old daughter, Valentina (who already has a stage name ‘Tina G’!)

Suzie has taken a break from the crazy cruise ship lifestyle to be around for her child and is performing in southeast Queensland. She is looking forward to wowing the audience of the ‘Ipswich Fashion Festival’ in September – and she guarantees a great performance.

Suzie says fashion plays a huge part in her stage outfits, so that will fit nicely with the fashions on the catwalk.

“I am always shopping and looking for a new dress,” Suzie said.

“I don’t ever get any of my outfits made though, I think they date too quickly, and I prefer to buy things off the rack to stay current”

The combination of electrifying music and high fashion is certain to be a great hit at the Fashion Festival.