TAP’D – Tim Rule at the PA Hotel


Beer is something a lot of us love, but why is that? Well, It tastes good and it’s refreshing are the most common responses and they are some great responses, but I’m here today to give you some extra ‘ammo’ when posed with the question as to why you love beer.

First things first, beer and food is a match made in heaven. It doesn’t matter what you’re eating, a beer exists that can compliment or contrast your meal, and can even cleanse your palate for your next course.

My ultimate pairing is spicy cajun chicken wings with a bold fruity IPA – a perfect match!

Not only does the IPA cool the heat, it also accentuates the herbs and spices. Now, when it comes to moderate alcohol consumption and its health benefits wine gets all the credit – well not today!

Your beer contains just as many antioxidants as a glass of wine plus it’s higher in protein and Vitamin B. Now, while I don’t recommend any alcohol as a health food, if you’re going to have an alcoholic drink, why not have one that contains iron, calcium, phosphates and fibre – beer of course. Also, research by Italy’s Fondazione di Ricerca e Cura shows that both men and women who drink a little more than one pint of beer a day are 31 per cent less likely to suffer from heart attack, stroke and heart disease.

Now I must stress, I am not saying go out and drink as many beers as you can because it’s good for you, moderation is key. Finally, beer, especially in Australia, has the negative stereotype of causing the dreaded ‘Beer Belly’.

Beer does not directly cause you to increase in weight, it is what we eat with the beer that ultimately does the damage.

To some up, beer, when consumed in moderation, should be something you can enjoy and not something you feel guilty or self-conscious about consuming.

If you want to try some cracking beers, and impress your friends with your new knowledge about beer, then head down to Tap’d at the Prince Alfred Hotel, with 72 different products on tap they are the home of all things beer!