Think Food – Easy Summer Cocktails


The weather’s warm, the holidays are rolling in and party season is finally upon us, so why not invite over a couple of friends and enjoy these simple summer cocktails?

Watermelon Mimosas

– one-third watermelon, (preferably chilled)
– 1 bottle champagne, chilled
(Brut works well, or use a dry Prosecco for a sweeter taste)


1. Scoop all of the watermelon flesh into your blender, leaving the sour green part behind.
2. Blend until it is completely smooth. Pour the watermelon juice through a fine-mesh strainer into a liquid measuring cup or bowl. Use a spoon to stir and press all of the juice through the strainer, then discard the solids.
3. Fill each Champagne flute about halfway up with Champagne then carefully fill each glass with watermelon juice, leaving about an inch of room at the top.

Raspberry Vodka Mojitos

Ingredients (for one drink):
– 30ml Vodka
– Soda Water
– 6 raspberries (extra for garnishing)
– 6 mint leaves
– Ice
– 1 lime, cut into quarters


1. Crush raspberries & mint leaves together in a tall glass.
2. Stir in vodka and ice until combined.
3. Squeeze in desired lime and add the wedges to the glass. Top with soda water and garnish with extra raspberries.

Drink Responsibly!